5th Anniversary at Savage Smyth Pt. 3

To celebrate 5 years of Between Bites, Thrillist travel editor Joseph Hernandez shares how he learned to love coffee and get over himself, Lost Lake owner Shelby Allison tells how the hospitality industry rallied around her bar after a catastrophic fire, and former Chicago Magazine critic Penny Pollack details dining out without anonymity. 

5th Anniversary at Savage Smyth Pt. 2

In an excerpt from our 5-year anniversary event, chef/author Ina Pinkney shares a story about a true friend and fervent supporter, chef Erling Wu-Bower hilariously ranks his 10 least favorite vegetables, and media personality Steve Dolinsky details the delicious yet excruciating task of rating every pizza in Chicago.

5th Anniversary at Savage Smyth Pt. 1

For our 5-year anniversary event, Chicago Sun-Times contributor Ji Suk Yi talks growing up with immigrant parents, Chicago Magazine critic Jeff Ruby details why he stopped his critic anonymity, and chef Brian Jupiter shares the extreme lengths chefs go to execute their menus.